Thursday, May 31, 2007

This Isn't How I Planned...

Monique Stam, who I met through MOMYS (mothers of many young siblings), sent me this poem after the loss of our twins. It really blessed me.

My eyes long to see you
Now you behold Him.
My arms ache for you
Now you know perfect love.
My ears yearn for your voice
Now you sing His praises.
I desire to feed you
Now you will never know hunger.
I anticipated the pitter-patter of your feet
Now you play at His pierced ones.
I dreamed of years of love and laughter
Now you will never know pain.
I longed to watch you grow and develop
Now you are perfect.
This isn't how I planned
But I know He loves you.

By Monique Stam (Used by permission)

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Anonymous said...

i am a 42 year old woman who thought she was in menopause, so pregnancy wasn't a thought. after a visit to my doctor to confirm, me and my family were excited to say the least. at 10 weels i had a miscarriage that nearly killed me. i had lost not only my baby but almost my life along with it. i had not planned on this child but had been blesses with it and had started to make these plans that will now go unrealized. my life has changed in a different direction and i am grateful that i am alive and will see grandchildren, and see my other kids graduaate high school and college. when things don't go as planned then other paths open up, and where as i will miss this child that was lost to me, it opened me up to what i already have.