Friday, May 18, 2007

HCG and HPT - When a Big Fat Negative is a Good Thing

We are a family that welcomes whatever children the Lord gives us, so for us, getting a BFP on an HPT was always a great thing. (Wondering what that is? It's a Big Fat Positive on an Home Pregnancy Test) I just yesterday had the weird experience of being very excited to get a BFN (Big Fat Negative). What's up?

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone that it released into your body when you first get pregnant. That's the hormone that HPT tests respond to in your urine. When you have a miscarriage, it can take up to 7 weeks or more for the HCG to be completely out of your system. Until it is, your regular fertility cycle won't work. Lingering HCG can be a sign of a molar pregnancy, retained fragments from the pregnancy, another baby in there, or just your body taking a long time to break the hormone down. It was the retained fragments part that concerned me.

I had a miscarriage of twins a few weeks ago with a hemorrhage. A week later I visited my OB's office for a check up and she found some tissue in my cervix. She and I were both extremely concerned that I could have retained tissue and could have another bleed when it let go. That would have been extremely dangerous since my hemoglobin was very low from the hemorrhage. I didn't want to go back for HCG testing because money is extremely tight right now. I did have a stock of very sensitive HPTs, though, so I decided to check every week until I got a negative. [Update after checking the test later that day.] This week the test had only a very, very faint positive line. Maybe we're almost to the end of the physical part. That'll warrant a Happy Dance!


Sheri said...

I am reading through your blog and I feel like I almost know you. I laughed because we do the Happy Dance at our house too. I have posted a comment on your original blog post regarding my recent miscarriage of triplets. Your wonderful attitudes makes me want to keep trying even though everyone around me says I need to do something permanent to keep me from getting pregnant. What a strange world we live in.

Melanie said...


Don't listen to ignorant folks!!

We have eight living children and they are our treasures - such a joy and pleasure! No regrets here, even though we've had all kinds of trials - job losses, a baby with a heart condition, cancer, but none of those things can compare to children, who Lord-willing, will be with us eternally!

May the Lord comfort you in His arms --

Much love,