Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Biological Clock Sometimes Lies

This week on one of my favorite forums, a poor sweet mama who has been desperately trying to conceive wrote in frantic because she was turning 30 and her biological clock was telling her she was running out of time. Folks, it wasn't her biological clock, it was our crazy, over-medicalized society that evidently thinks you should only conceive your alloted 1.8 children between the ages of 26 (don't want you to marry too early, the culture says!) and 34 years old.

Thankfully, life isn't restricted like that. God made us fertile from our teens to our forties and I don't see any Biblical justification (and not a heck of a lot of scientific justification) for limiting your child-bearing in any way from marriage to menopause.

For the record, after the very difficult miscarriage of our twins last year, I'm 44 and pregnant and I feel great. The babe is growing nicely and kicking constantly and I'm looking forward to another great birth.

If you are hoping and praying for another child in the wake of a devastating loss, please don't add to your stress by buying into all that age/biological clock business. Yes, my eggs are older, but my God is still sovereign. I serve the same God Sarah (Abraham's wife who bore Isaac in her old age) did. Why should we fear?