Friday, July 6, 2007

A Speck of Light - Is it the end of the tunnel??

Well, dear patient friends, I have been without my closest companion - a sanitary pad for 2 days now! I can hardly believe it - it's been 11 weeks. I am sort of glad I didn't know it would take this long in the beginning because I think I would have despaired. The last several weeks were not heavy, just very light, but still. I am thoroughly sick of dealing with it. I've stopped for a few days several times during the course of this. Please let this be the last!

I really think I've just done too much, but it's very hard not to when things go on this long - life has to continue! Of course, it may have been that I was expecting twins and had more placental site to heal.

Regardless, I hope you dear ones who are still going through this will be brought to rapid healing!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Melanie,
Great to hear from you again, and good to see that things might possibly be showing more signs of physical healing. I am headed to bed for some much needed rest. You are in my prayers. God Bless, Melissa D. SC