Friday, June 22, 2007

Raising Your Hemoglobin After Blood Loss

Why did I give this post such a long title? Because when I was looking for information, those were the search terms I used and came up empty. All the medical sites assume that if you lose a lot of blood you have a transfusion. I believe a lot of women lose a lot of blood during miscarriages and the sometimes prolonged bleeding afterwards and they need help recovering!

I wrote about this at the beginning of my recovery process, but I wanted to give you all an update. For one thing, I'm still bleeding, two months later. It seems that my bleeding trails off to mucous, stops entirely for a few days then starts back. It's pretty frustrating, but I believe it's just because I'm overdoing it on a regular basis. I have no clue how to stop doing too much, though, homeschooling seven children and helping my husband in the midst of a business start up! It's just a busy, busy life.

The good news is that my hemoglobin seems to be recovering nicely. A week or two after the miscarriage and hemorrhage, it had recovered to 9.1. About 3 and 1/2 weeks later, it was up to 10.6 even after a weekend with several severe bleeds. I think it is because of my three pronged approach: iron (liquid is supposed to be best), and vitamin C and liquid chlorophyll with every dose of iron. I took iron three times a day at first.

I am feeling much better and my friends say my color is coming back!

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Anonymous said...

I have fibroids with severe bleeding and mucus and I think there is a connection between the bleeding and caffeine. When you are anemic you are tired and want energy. It seems every time I break down and have caffeine I have a severe bleeding incident. If you are drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverage try quitting for a while and see if it helps! Good luck!