Monday, June 4, 2007

A Happy Providence

Several weeks ago I spent some time searching for a memory box to keep my few memories of the twins in. I remembered that Hal's cousin had shown me the memory box someone had given her when her little girl died shortly after birth. When my sister-in-law lost her eldest son to stillbirth, I remembered how precious that box was to Caren (Did I spell your name right?) and went looking for a memory box for Hal's sister. I found a Tuesday Morning and some lovely hat boxes. There was a pretty, small yellow one and a bigger one that had Victorian cherubs, decorations, and a ribbon banner that said, "How bright things are here!" on a lovely blue box. I originally bought the smaller one because I was afraid her things would seem lost in the big one, but when I went out to the car, the saying written on the blue box kept ringing in my heart. I realized that particular box pointed to heaven. I had to go back in and get it! I'm so glad I did because that memory box has been precious to our sister.

When I lost the twins, I wanted a beautiful box, too, but I couldn't find one anywhere. I searched on memory boxes and found a lovely charity, Memory Box Artist Program. They are a group of artists that make handmade memory boxes to send to hospitals for parents suffering the loss of an infant. I paged through the site, and saw so many lovely boxes. I thought about how much I'd love to have a simple blue one with lovely flowers - no angels, no teddies, just memories. I wrote one of the volunteers, asking is she knew of anyone who sold or gave boxes to parents who suffered an earlier loss at home. The sweet lady who I emailed said that though it wasn't strictly in their mission, that they'd be glad to make me a box. I didn't tell her what I wanted because I felt like they were doing me a special favor and I didn't want to be presumptive. A couple of weeks later, I received the most gorgeous pastel blue box with a garland of painted flowers on the top that says, "Precious Memories," and it was even lined with lovely padded cloth. It was made by Mary Bobrowski - a wonderful artist. It was the very box I had dreamed of! Isn't God good? I don't know why He choose to give me this when so many of my dear sisters haven't had anyone do something like this for them. I do know I was at a very low ebb in my life and not just the loss of the babies - I believe our Father was showing me that I was safe in His arms, not abandoned, not forsaken.

If you have the opportunity to help this charity or others like it (I just found Joshua's Boxes in the UK) please do - they are doing a worthy thing! If this is something you would like to have, or to give to someone, a lovely box can be made out of a hatbox as well, and I trust the Lord will lead you to just the right one, too. :-)

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