Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Miscarriage Bracelet

I am wearing the lovely bracelet that Holly gave me today and I thought I'd better give you a link in case you might want one or want to give someone one. Here's the website of the lady who made it: The Little Footprints. She also has a ebay store and you might be able to find one at a great price. Mine has two precious feet to represent the twins, the birthstones for their conception month and due date month, and seven pearls to represent my seven living children. Honestly, I'll try to get a picture up here soon!


lisagnc said...

Ahh Melanie. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my dd to stillbirth. She would have been 5 this year. I still miss her. I have gone on to have three more children. Should you become pregnant again that pregnancy will be different. With each pregnancy I wonder and worry and then finally trust in God even more. I pray that you will receive complete physical and emotional healing, and that the Lord will bless you with another pregnancy and healthy baby.
Lisa G
(I used to live in Durham and met you at a Momys tea a couple of years ago)

Melanie said...


I'm glad to hear from you - the MOMYS teas have been great! But I am so sorry that you lost your little girl! How do people survive these things without Christ and the hope of heaven???

Thank you so much for your prayers!