Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long Term Bleeding After Miscarriage

I really thought I had posted this when I figured it out last year, but when I went looking for it, I couldn't find it. As those of you who've been reading this blog know, I had bleeding for a *long* time after my miscarriage of twins last year. Weeks and weeks. I would bleed for awhile, then it would taper off and stop for several days, then start again. It was extremely frustrating!

Finally a reader of this blog wrote me and suggested that I look at the pattern of breaks and when it restarted and sure enough, each restart was exactly 26 days apart - I was not continuing to bleed with a few breaks, but my cycle had reestablished itself, but the time of bleeding in each cycle was extremely long and the cycles short. I wish I had realized this sooner because I wonder if there is something I could have done to regulate my hormones (herbs or something) and shorten that bleeding that was keeping me worn out. By August, my cycles were more normal.

I hope this will encourage someone else to check the pattern when she seems to be bleeding for weeks and weeks. I pray for those who are reading this blog that our Lord would hold you in His arms and heal you.


Anonymous said...

I had a miscarriage in Oct 2007 in Aug of 2008 my periods were still ilregular and quite long. I bled almost the entire month of Aug. I went to the Dr and was put on Birth control to regulate my periods and it worked. But it took a few months. I was on birth control for almost a year before i went off it and was able to get pregnant the next month, i now have a beautiful 3 wk old little girl.

Melanie said...

Congratulations on your new baby!!!!

The long term effects of miscarriage are really not talked about much, are they? I'm so sorry you lost your little one in 2007.

I'm happy to know the Lord has blessed you with a little one to raise now!!!