Monday, January 21, 2008

New Research on Miscarriage

I always hesitate to share research on miscarriage causes because I know we survivors beat ourselves up so badly if we can possibly think we did something wrong. However, I also know that we would go to great lengths to do anything that might keep this from happening again, so here goes:

In a new study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kaiser Permanente researchers report that women drinking less than 200mg of caffeine daily were 40% more likely to miscarry than those drinking none. Those drinking more than 200mg were twice as likely to miscarry as those drinking none. The study included over 1000 women and they allowed for differences in morning sickness.

On the other hand, researcher David Savitz, in Epidemiology, reports on a study of over 2000 women in which he found no link between miscarriage and caffeine. He did say the women in his study were light caffeine drinkers.

So where do we go from there?? Okay, 200 mg is about two cups of coffee or five cans of soda. The first study showed that caffeine from any source was a problem - soft drinks, coffee, even hot chocolate. It really upset me that one of the OBs at Kaiser Permanente who was not involved in the study advises women in their first trimester to limit consumption to that 200mg level. Is 40% increased risk acceptable to keep from giving up coffee - I don't think so!

I think it would be far wiser to say, "We have conflicting studies, but while this is resolved, avoid all caffeine. It won't hurt you and it may reduce your risk of miscarriage drastically." And that's my advice. Bye-bye caffeine!

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earthmama said...

Interesting study but, definitely more research is needed. My sister a night nurse,she always drank a large coffee. She had a wonderful pregnancy and beautiful baby girl. I on the other hand miscarried and was not into drinking coffee while pregnant. I am sure many various conclusions can be drawn. I do love your blogs and your posts. Thank You for sharing with us.