Friday, October 3, 2008

Hope in Miscarriage

Dear Friends,

It's been awhile since I've posted: I couldn't really think about it during the first few months of this pregnancy I was so nervous about losing this baby. I think that is one very hard thing about miscarriage - you never just trust that it'll be alright during other pregnancies. I have found it much harder to bond with this baby and to anticipate the baby's birth because I have worried so much about losing it. I hate that and I'm working on it seriously!

Much love,


Beaker said...

Thank you for a wonderful blog! I just lost my baby son yesterday (10-21-08)to a miscarriage. I was 5 months along. Your words of encouragement have helped in such a hard and troubling time. Thanks to you we have decided to hold a small graveside service for our little one! If you don't mind, I would love to keep in contac w/ you, sort of a therapy type thing for me. Just knowing someone who has gone through this, doesn't make it all better, but helps me to know I will get through it. My name is Becky and my email is, my blog is:
Thank you and God bless

Anonymous said...

I see I am catching up here and that you have been preg. for 4 months!!! This is wonderful to hear. I completely understand the feelings...I had so much anxiety and I too was afraid to get too attached. I went through those moments of not feeling enough movement and worrying. The Lord is faithful, He does answer our prayers!!!
Melissa D. sC